Tangelo Park Program

When the local community of Tangelo Park stood up to rising crime and asked for help to continue with improvement, Harris Rosen stepped in. The grassroots movement born from the efforts of community leaders joined forces with the Tangelo Park Civic Association, Tangelo Baptist Church, Tangelo Park Elementary School, and the Tangelo Park YMCA to form the Tangelo Park Program Inc. (TPP). This program has three main components:

  1. Free preschool for every two-, three-, and four-year-old child living in Tangelo Park
  2. Full college or vocational school scholarships, including tuition, room and board, and books, for every graduating high school senior from the Tangelo Park area
  3. A Family Resource Center where parents can obtain counseling, and other resources to help them become positive role models

The Tangelo Park Program or TPP has helped significantly in rising the high school graduation rate as well as secondary education graduation rate. Prior to the inception of this program, the high school dropout rate was 25%. With the incentive of paid college for all high school graduates, the graduation rate rose to 100%. GPAs also rose and are expected to average 3.0 in the coming years. Speaking of the future, this plan sets a road for a more prosperous future for our children. Research shows high school graduates will earn $500,000 more in their lifetime than non-high-school graduates. College graduates earn $1 million more than non-college graduates.

Learn more about this amazing plan at www.tangeloparkprogram.com

If you would like to contribute to the Tangelo Park Program, please mail your donation in the form of a check payable to:

Tangelo Park Program
4000 Destination Parkway
Orlando, FL 32819

A Culture of Giving

Give back because it’s the right thing to do. This declaration, said in multiple ways by Harris Rosen, president and owner of Rosen Hotels & Resorts®, propels our philanthropic vision. Our philanthropic vision is as simple as that. Guided by Mr. Rosen’s sincere passion for giving back, Rosen Hotels & Resorts® dedicates time, money, and hands-on help to enhance the quality of life of our hometown and neighbors. We also support organizations that share our passion for giving back as well as those with a special focus on education, wellness, animal welfare, and diversity.

Each person, being, and organization who benefit from our philanthropic endeavors are significant to Harris Rosen and the entire Rosen Hotels & Resorts® family. We strive to empower everyone we help as well as their communities because their success is what matters most.

"Nurturing Endless Possibilities
One Community at a Time"

Harris Rosen

Harris Rosen Harris Rosen

Harris Rosen

Nurturing Endless Possibilities
One Community at a Time

Harris Rosen Harris Rosen
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