The Harris Rosen Foundation

“Epiphany might be too strong of a word … it was more of a voice. A feeling that ‘now is the time.’ You’ve achieved more success than you ever imagined. It’s time now to recognize that you’ve been blessed … to be thankful and to share your good fortune with others.”

Harris Rosen first spoke these words to explain why he adopted the Tangelo Park community in Orlando and its most influential citizens: the children. Since starting the Tangelo Park Program  in 1993, he has continued to help numerous organizations and those in need from all walks of life, locally and afar, including our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Mr. Rosen’s philanthropy fulfills his inner voice that drives his greater purpose: a passion for sharing his blessings with others.

The Harris Rosen Foundation mirrors Mr. Rosen’s staunch entrepreneurship, with a keen eye to ensure each expenditure results in a concrete benefit and positive outcome. Since the foundation’s inception in 1987, it has improved the quality of life in underserved communities and countries mainly by providing educational opportunities and other improvements. As this outreach grows to include newer communities and groups in need, Mr. Rosen pushes forth towards new ways to influence positive change.

Through the Harris Rosen Foundation, Mr. Rosen saved a local YMCA Aquatic Center so children have a place to learn to swim to help prevent accidental drownings. The foundation also honors Mr. Rosen’s heritage by assisting the Jack and Lee Rosen Jewish Community Center to better serve children and families of all religions in the Southwest Orlando community. Within this site, you will learn about the individuals and organizations to whom Mr. Rosen has provided support, disaster relief, and the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

The Harris Rosen Foundation will continue to help the communities it serves by bringing hope and opportunity to break the poverty cycle. It is Mr. Rosen’s dream that other companies and foundations adopt similar initiatives across the nation. Until then, the Harris Rosen Foundation will continue to lend a helping hand to disadvantaged communities and those in need as these blessings are continually shared across cities, states, and generations to come.

A Culture of Giving

Give back because it’s the right thing to do. This declaration, said in multiple ways by Harris Rosen, president and owner of Rosen Hotels & Resorts®, propels our philanthropic vision. Our philanthropic vision is as simple as that. Guided by Mr. Rosen’s sincere passion for giving back, Rosen Hotels & Resorts® dedicates time, money, and hands-on help to enhance the quality of life of our hometown and neighbors. We also support organizations that share our passion for giving back as well as those with a special focus on education, wellness, animal welfare, and diversity.

Each person, being, and organization who benefit from our philanthropic endeavors are significant to Harris Rosen and the entire Rosen Hotels & Resorts® family. We strive to empower everyone we help as well as their communities because their success is what matters most.

"Nurturing Endless Possibilities
One Community at a Time"

Harris Rosen

Harris Rosen Harris Rosen

Harris Rosen

Nurturing Endless Possibilities
One Community at a Time

Harris Rosen Harris Rosen
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